Benevolent Policies

Lion and Lamb Church Benevolent Policies

There are many people who have financial needs in our community, as well as many who may or may not have genuine needs but seek to get assistance from churches and others. Our desire is to be good stewards of the resources God has provided Lion & Lamb, and also to be a genuine help to those seeking assistance. We will endeavor to follow these guidelines when considering requests for financial assistance.

Individuals or families considered for benevolent assistance from church funds should have:

  • some connection/relationship with the church or church member(s)
  • some genuine/verifiable need

One time financial help of $500 or less may be made at the discretion of the Treasurer and two other leadership team members. Financial help over $500 or on more than one occasion requires that the recipient(s) fill out a financial inventory form and meet with the Treasurer or another of the leadership team.

Benevolent gifts of $500 or less shall be reported to the leadership team at the next regular meeting; gifts over $500 or a recurring gift(s) shall be approved by the Church Leadership Team.

Designated Donations

Donations designated to a particular individual or family (that meet the qualifications in the Church's Basic Benevolent Policy), will be passed through the Church, but will not be treated as tax-deductible.

Individuals may suggest to leaders persons who may need assistance without any connection to any donations, and the Leaders Council will make all determinations related to benevolent gifts.

When possible, efforts will be made to extend dignity through work or service by the recipient of benevolence.

Donations to the Lion & Lamb Church Benevolent Fund (but not otherwise intended for a particular individual or family) will be treated as tax-deductible. Donations to any of the Lion & Lamb budget line items are considered tax-deductible, as are the projects Lion & Lamb supports corporately.

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